From the matrix of fear to the matrix of healing

A meditation on the question, how does a morphogenetic field of peace arise?   To understand this you must recognise that this field is latently fully present. Over and again you are brought to the question: are you ready to recognise the peace power within you and in the world and to take it on? You have been dealing with the question of the Christ murder. No child's soul and no open adult soul will ever understand how a world came to be in which Christ could be nailed to the ...

What is resurrection?

In the Christian world we celebrate the Resurrection at Easter. What is it that we celebrate? I meditate on the question, what is resurrection?   To understand the spirit of resurrection it is important to become absolutely silent and to perceive the divine principle of life - to learn to see and understand it ever more deeply. Who or what is dying when you die? Who or what is resurrecting? When you really concentrate then you will feel the power of eternal life alongside the cycl...