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The stone circle – first part

With this Ring of Power we introduce a next phase in which we present the stone circle of Tamera to you. Please find more information about it here.   The archetype of the stone circle, part one: I represent the power of a peace community. I represent the peace-knowledge which can lead to a healed future. The peace-knowledge necessary for this Earth emerges from true community wisdom. In me you will recognize that community is as essential as breathing. Nothing in this world can ex...
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What is peace?

To hear the answer you first have to find the place of silence within you. Inner silence is the secret which allows you to meet a power which is always there - the deepest power of life, the source of all life. You will come to the state of awareness for unity. Awareness and peace are like a couple. You cannot find peace without finding the core of inner awareness. Peace is a power. Peace is a life power. Peace is always, always rooted in deep silence. If you have found an anchor in this sile...