What is truth?

What does truth mean from a cosmic point of view? There are things almost everybody would accept as truth. In all cultures we know people say that the sky is blue or a circle is round. A square has four corners. There are things which are easy to accept as truth. Logic carries truth within. Nevertheless, if you really come in contact with the depth of life and you go into deep meditation, you will discover that coming closer to truth, there is fear in you. You feel some inner fear or resi...

We are part of the whole

„The Earth is shaken by heavy nature catastrophes. Can you hear the voice of the Earth? What does she demand from us people?“   Earth quakes in Mexico, hurricane in Florida, Syria … Facing all catastrophes right now there is also a deep resignation in the heart of the human being. The heart cannot open for compassion anymore because there is too much fear. Too many people look for security in the old system. But this doesn't work anymore. The Earth has to change. We are living in ...