A power of transformation wants to rise worldwide

What needs to be done for global healing?   Over and again the question arises: What really needs to be done for global healing? In my meditation I think of our friends and companions, who have set up a peace camp near Hebron in solidarity with Standing Rock. And already in their second night Israeli military came and destroyed the camp. You see those images and how people try to resist in a non- violent way. You are reminded to the big camp in South Dakota 'Standing Rock – Defend the...

The time for change is always now

It's time to be. It's time to see. It's time to face reality. The only moment for real change, the only moment to allow transformation is, always, now. And so you are invited to open all your senses to the reality of what is surrounding you. Many things are happening in this time of transformation so anchor your heart in the stillness that lies behind it all. Strengthen your readiness to face the unknown and look to all that you've already reached ... Recognise the patterns which always guide...