Connecting to Eternity

To experience me you have to come to know the space of complete silence. You feel that in all you experience, in all that you see, feel, smell and taste, there is an entity that can perceive everything. It is the force of the mighty I AM. Listen into it. Be still. More still. You enter a space beyond definition. It is beyond the realm of experience. It leaves behind all physical and metaphysical definitions. In here there is no judgement or condemnation. It is beyond speech and yet there is recognition. A powerful recognition. I am beyond time and space. I am the force of eternity. By recognizing how deeply your true nature is anchored in this space, you recognize your true freedom. In this space you can leave behind desire, craving, pain and fear. A universal force, a power of infinite love, shines in this space which will help you to go through all your experiences whilst remaining connected to the divine realm. If you learn to become still in your deepest despair you feel my helping hand immediately. I am the power of eternal love. I am the force of eternal becoming and decaying. I am the force which never alters, which neither comes nor goes, which reigns as the deepest secret in all things. I am the power of eternity. Be still. Even stiller. I will shine through all your experiences. From now on you will hear differently, experience differently, love differently, live differently. All fears of separation dissolve within me. I hold the deepest home, the deepest arriving and being at home in the eternal space of universal love. Thank you and Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Eternity, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Eternity stone: