Envision the healed Earth

Can you see the image of a healed Planet Earth?   It is some minutes before sunrise. I feel the deep connection to you, Mother Earth, to the beauty of life. Yes, I can see the image of a healed Earth. I can see the image of clean rivers, clean waters, the oceans. I can see your mountains and your plants and animals. I can see the stars embracing you. And I can see that we, as humanity, will become one with you. We will recognize again that we are part of you. On the other side I see the madness of humanity. The most difficult task is to see human beings really uniting with you. I see what is happening right now and that we as humanity are a cause of the pain you have to carry. I look at Barcelona, Korea, Syria, at all the wars and war societies that we have created. Bombing, full of hatred. How can human species discover love when they torture you the way they do? On the deepest level I know that we have to find back to you and your wisdom, your voice inside of ourselves. We have to rediscover the divine power, the divine miracle which wants to be born inside of us. Coming back to the miracle of the waters, the sun, the moon, life… we will shift, we will transform ourselves fully. And we will find back to the wisdom of community. It is much easier to see a healthy picture of this planet without humanity. The biggest challenge is to heal our societies, our communities; to heal ourselves as human beings and to notice that we are one with you. In this sense I embrace this prayer and I nourish the vision that this awakening will happen soon and that we will recognize the divine power of community, reorganizing ourselves with the water, the fire and the beauty and abundance of life. May this miracle wake up inside of us. We love you, Mother Earth. I dedicate my life to this kind of recognition towards your beauty, your waters, your mountains, your plants. I give thanks for being born here in this time and want to surrender my life to healing. Thank you and Ya Azim. Find the complete audio recording of the morning meditation here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Healedpicture.mp3