May your work be your service of love

We wish you a blessed new year! Sabine Lichtenfels is currently affected by a strong cold, so she unfortunately wasn’t able to record the Ring of Power meditation. We wish her a good recovery! She anyway formulated some thoughts of power for the new year: Always remember that difficulties are overcome with ease. Whenever things have become too difficult to change, humor is the divine source of transformation. You’ve got work to do. May this work be your service to the world. May your work be your service of love. May your work serve to lighten up your life. Whatever is done out of love will have an impact. (from: ‘Love and Connectedness,’ from the book Sources of Love and Peace by Sabine Lichtenfels) Today we meditate in silence to find our most powerful vision for 2017. May it be an image we can always recall when we encounter difficulties. An image of strength, which we can use as source of power anytime. We look at our personal lives as well. Where is my line of power and what is my contribution to strengthen the global peace movement? We remain connected with ‘Standing Rock’ and find those images that bring their endeavour – which is ours – to a success. In her book Sources of Love and Peace, Sabine Lichtenfels publishes revolutionary spiritual insights that can support us with our daily decision. Find it here: