The stone circle – second part

The archetype of the stone circle, part two: You find within me the knowledge of community which is always in motion, always changing and still always connected to a healed primal source from which everything originates. I take care of the power of unity. And at the same time for the power of polarity between the masculine and the feminine. Polarity comes from this one original source, is united within the source and nevertheless creates opposites. All forces of life: birth, death, growth and cycles originate from the polarity of masculine and feminine power. I protect the power of polarity that leads to healing through consciously being rooted in unity and finding home there. I protect the power of diversity. It is the same Self, the great subject of creation which steers all its organs. There is nothing separate in this symphony of Creation. Here true peace community can be understood and realized. Outdated concepts of hierarchy and disconnected versions of democracy are fully overcome through this insight. The natural order of life will be seen and manifested within a peace community. It leads to the power of mutual completion. True freedom only exists in the cooperation of all forces. It is rooted in every individual finding their way back to their original nature. Become who you really are. True community is possible only when everyone has found his/her own responsibility. This is when healing biotopes arise. Towards a peace culture! True community always holds within itself the values of mutual compassion, inner truth and transparency. Know yourself – and you cannot be false to anyone else because by doing so you would betray yourself. True community overcomes all forms of violence and all forms of egoism. Those who rediscover a community of trust, discover the great Tat swam asi – they recognize how the same big ‘I’ shines through everything – you are me and I am you. Through the joy of mutual completion we participate in the destiny of the world. We protect compassion. We will not rest until the last of the suppressed powers on this Earth have found their true freedom and have been led to their true nature. (Excerpt of the meditation text about the archetype of the stone circle, received and recorded by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the stone circle text: