The father stone

“Abba. Dear father!” This is how Jesus spoke to his father. He spoke to the loving father as the divine power at the center of the universe and in doing so he created an entirely different image of God, after the millennia-long rule of the punishing father. Jesus has prepared my coming. Now my pure power of fatherhood starts to manifest as a field. Find back to the archetypal image which I stand for behind all veils and disguises. It is an image for which all women of this Earth have longed for centuries. Feel how life changes when you can believe in, and see, a loving father at the heart of the universe. In the history of Earth, through the development of the son-man into the father, an injury occurred which can heal through me. In the misery of human culture I was separated from the feminine power, the Shekina; the feminine soul. War raged in human civilization between the mislead feminine and masculine primal powers, for millennia. Pure fatherhood, as with motherhood, is a basic principle of the universe. This was the first polarity which led to manifestation in the primordial space of creation. This polarity wants to be discovered, understood and realized by the human being. All life emerges from this original principle which is, in its nature, deeply erotic. Through the liberating and remembering of my power, men find themselves in deep transformation. Now the time has come for the start of a new era. Through me the punishing father transforms into the loving father. Through me man has found his way back to Shekina, the power of the mother, to the soul of the Earth. Together we protect and steward this paradise where all children can grow up in trust. Through me you will learn to unite power with humility. Through me the man learns to put his guiding, masculine power in service of the Earth. He learns to stop suppressing primal sexual power. Together we have gone through a long history of transformation. Now the time has come to create new cultural systems in which a young man can grow into his sensual, sexual maturity and where there are women to accompany and welcome him in this process. In this way the man can also transform his enormous libidinous drives into a power that guards in tender compassion; into stewardship of … all that is female. Now he can be a father to the daughters of this Earth. He can give them the sensual appreciation they long for while I give him orientation in his search for love. Through me they can learn to see and understand what it means to be a man and now that they have found a true father they have become free in love. Through my source the man can accept the mighty energies which want to run through him for the protection of all life, for the protection of the Earth. In this way the father-power makes a historical change from the punishing to the loving father. Let me come back into your heart. Those who believe in me will live a changed life. Those who believe in me will help men to become who they truly are: compassionate, thinking, loving beings with an aim in life. They take on the responsibility for the destiny of the Earth. Their will is directed to love, no longer to dominance. The are the lovers of this Earth and once again they recognize the woman in her being. Because they have returned to, recognized and accepted their own true being, they no longer need to patronize anybody. Together with the mothers of this Earth they introduce a culture of partnership. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the father, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the father stone: