The forest

I am the clothes of the Goddess, the multiplicity and beauty of life in matter. I am the Sheshina, the soul and living library of God; home of Pan, inspiration for art and poetry. I am the concentrated power of life which reveals itself through me as I let it act through me. The abundance of the divine breath acts through me. I am God’s living abode. I am the lungs of the Earth. The divine breath of life manifests itself through me every day anew. I am a protective energy system in which infinitely many forms of life can manifest. I am midwife and birthplace, mother of Space. I am much more than the sum of all the beings that are at home in me. Through me you learn to see behind things. The secret of alchemy and metaphysics opens in front of your eyes. My greatest revelation is silence in which the power for new creation gathers, from which my thousands of sounds and melodies expand. You can encounter countless forms of divine revelation in me. I protect and hold the interplay of infinitely many beings and species. I give home to them all in my huge, invisible but all embracing arms. Nobody will ever grasp me completely. But those who touch my soul touch the living nature of life and become a lover of Earth and all her creatures. Those who become silent and listen to me can read in the living library of life. You recognise unity and the play of polarities in me. I am the permanent play of becoming and passing away. In my play of light you can recognise the language of infinitely many fairies, fauns, elementary beings and nature spirits. Countless inventions and manifestations of organic thinking were received through me. I hold life’s secret of true wealth and yet nobody can ever own me. In me you can study and experience how the forces of life continually change and transform to higher power and complexity. I protect the art of surrender and the art of creativity. In my play of light, waters and winds you find power, wildness, comfort and home. You can recognise the structures of living systems and home places in me. Those who are afraid feel threatened by me, want to defeat and dominate me, start to kill me and in the end thereby kill themselves. Those who want to defeat me separate from the elementary sources of life in themselves. My power only reveals itself to you through your deep humility. Those who love me will protect the play of life together with me, becoming a lover of this Earth, and uncover ever new sources of life and loving. I call those humans who will discover and conduct the living paradise of life together with me. Approach carefully. Hear my melodies, my abundance and beauty. Hear my nature. Then you will recognise when and how you can take from me and when not. You will always ask first before you interfere with my systems. I love engagement, but only in interplay and contact. Protect me and I will protect you. Learn to see and love me, and you will receive infinite presents. Learn to sustain me and you will learn the secret of love. Recognise yourself at last, and your own secret, in my biodiversity. Thank you and Ya Azim. Here you can listen to the audio recording of the text: