The power of love

  Learn again to deeply listen to the inner voice of your heart. From there act. From there raise your voice. Help that the power of love can be rediscovered. Become the center of all loving beings. From there listen deeply which kind of action wants to be taken. The ego will die. All power driven organizations will die. Life itself, evolution wants to be seen, understood and fulfilled. Find the stillness in all your actions. Find back the essence of life. From here you will rediscover the big power of self organization. Community, which is organized by truth and trust doesn’t fear truth anymore. From here you will regain the power of connection with the source of life. Cooperation happens by itself when you leave all ideologies behind and deeply listen to the voice of love and life. This is your Christ nature or your Buddha nature. From here you will take the right decisions to act, to protect and to raise your voice. (Excerpts of Sabine Lichtenfels’ morning meditation)   Here you can listen to the recording of the meditation: