There is no separation between you and the whole

What does the world most need from us right now? In the meditation you become aware that the whole world is inside of you. There is no separation between you and the whole. From there you see that your individual self starts to act in a very special way so that the whole can act through you. You notice that previously you always focused on outer success, on the external world, to questions of science and manifesting, of building. Now you see that there is no outer world without your inner connectedness. You can, and will, find everything you are looking for inside yourself. By only looking outside of ourselves humankind lost awareness of its inner shadows and took them from one culture to the next. The world now needs for you to not fear the shadow but to understand its nature. We can overcome it by not identifying with, by identifying instead with our higher selves, with universal love. This is the call: learn to love yourself.  And you can only love yourself if you allow the whole to be inside of you, in conscious awareness. It is about opening     your heart and your compassion to the world (…)  allow the divine to act through you. … Your biggest contribution to the world is to be who you really are. Learn to speak and act from this point … you are a divine being and in celebrating this divinity it will guide all your steps … (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: