Unity and diversity

We invite our intentions for the coming week. It is still dark. And we can feel the first light of the day. We feel our anticipation for this very special week, dedicated to defending the sacred. We invite the spirit of unity and diversity. We invite the spirit of Grace. We invite the spirit of awareness and attention to each other, coming together from so different cultures and so many different educations, facing together the pain of the world and also the beauty of life. We invite the spirit of the beauty of life. (…) We invite wisdom and power. We want to do next steps in order to understand how to unfold peace wisdom on Planet Earth. We connect with the consciousness of our beautiful Mother Earth. We invite universal love to be with us, to think through us, to act and speak through us. We connect to the spirit of water. Water is life. We connect to the spirit of the mountains and all beings, visible and invisible ones. We want to learn to celebrate community in unity and diversity, knowing that compassion towards each other brings about the spiritual growth necessary to heal the wounds of the past. We invite the spirit of forgiveness. We invite the awareness for our brother- and sisterhood, embracing this beautiful Planet in all directions. May peace prevail on Earth. May this week be a blessed week. May we all be nourished. May we all purify our hearts and find the power and wisdom to do our next steps towards healing. Thank you and Ya Azim   Listen to the audio recording here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Intention_en.mp3