Unity between the here and now and the beyond

  We’ve chosen an excerpt from the foreword of the book Sources of Love and Peace by Sabine Lichtenfels. The question of today’s Ring of Power is: How can the separation between the here and now and the beyond be overcome? How can these two realities find back to unity?   ‘I once stood at the threshold of death, and since then I feel repeatedly challenged to open up spiritual doors and overcome, already in this earthly life, the blocks that separate us from truth. I have been privileged to look into the gifts of love that have been given to man and woman. Religions have done much to suppress these gifts. May a new spirit now contribute to bringing them to light again. We need truth and divine guidance, also specifically in the area of sensuality, for here the greatest joy and the greatest pain lie close together. I am especially grateful for the inspiration that these morning prayers provide in this area. Imagine that you come to a gate. You open it and enter into the beyond. The beyond is paradise and this paradise is – the earth. Could not the earth turn into a paradise if we learn to understand and accept the laws of happiness? Could not much healing occur if we again understand that the living spirit of Eros cannot be tied to two people, but was created for the universal celebration of Creation?’ (You can order the book here: http://verlag-meiga.org/shop/sources-love-peace/)   If you want to listen to the recording of the meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels this morning, do it here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Feb_13_2017-003.mp3