I am the power of grounding. When you connect to me you will feel an invisible energy guiding you downwards. As if through an umbilical chord your feet are energetically connected with the core of the earth, the most inner center of the earth. Feel the sacredness of the earth and all new life that comes from it. Learn to extend your senses into the deeper, invisible layers of the earth and feel how, from this source, new life wants to be born. When you have been touched by great cosmic visions, it is always important to reconnect them with the power of grounding. You are an Earth steward. You are a human being and therefore a messenger between the metaphysical and the physical world. You can learn to travel high with your consciousness. You can learn to move into star consciousness. But this consciousness will only serve you and  have a healing effect when you remember to connect your insights and visions to the power of grounding. Whenever you have experienced a big cosmic journey, take care of your body afterwards. Guard the power that connects you to the Earth. Find the forms and ways that help you connect and stay connected to this source. I am the power of grounding. Connected with me you will understand ever deeper why we as human beings are physical and what the secret of the physical plane, here on Earth, is all about. Those who know the secret of me, will also know a strong power of manifestation. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of grounding, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the grounding stone: