Question for the Ring-of-Power-Meditation on Monday

Dear friends of the Ring of Power, We ask all of you to focus on the power of fire. How do we find the balance here? It takes many expressions. In Canada, fire is destroying entire neighborhoods at the moment. In Aleppo (Syria), there is a question about whether the cease-fire will be prolonged. In both cases we see the elemental force of fire is out of balance and therefore is bringing destruction. Let’s stay focused on the image of the healed earth. Ask your cooperation partner: What needs to be done to bring the power of fire and water in balance – inside and outside? Focus on regions like Canada or Syria and try to see the healed picture. Greetings, The Ring-of-Power-team P.S.: Let us know what messages you receive and which cooperation partner you are working with. You can post it below next Monday’s Ring-of-Power-message.