Events 2016


01. – 10. May:  Global Love School (Tamera, Portugal) – on personal invitation

08. – 12. July:  Terra Deva Seminar – Cooperation with All Life – Communication with Visible and Invisible Beings (Tamera, Portugal)

01. – 14. August:  Tamera Summer (Portugal) – In Tamera we understand that questions of love, sexuality and partnership are at the core of every peace initiative. It is for this reason that the love school team – led by Sabine Lichtenfels, Brigitte Muskalla and Andrea Regelmann – will be present to give input to the different groups throughout this time.
Additionally Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn plan to partly accompany the introduction week with specific events.

in Autumn:  Grace Pilgrimage 2016 in Portugal

11. – 16. September: Conversations on the Edge: Love, Sex and the Evolution of the Masculine and Feminine
(Esalen Institut, California)