Staying connected to our inner divine source

In these times of turbulence how can we stay connected to our inner divine source?   Many people have died in the recent fires. My first morning mediation is connected with fire, with the source fire and to healing. I connect with the souls who gave their lives in the fire. I pray for healing. I greet the spirit of water. I greet the spirit of fire. And I greet the spirit of universal love. I am looking for the inner source to which we as humanity can stay connected as we face ...

Love is a political issue

Why is healing love a political issue?   Some humour comes in because in the meditation space the question is a bit funny. In this world there's no difference between spirituality and a political statement. In this world you will see that love is a universal power. Seeing this universal power and being guided it you will discover that the current world-wide societal system is not in resonance with the universal laws of love. Love is so much more than a feeling. Love has its own...