Peace for Syria – Ring of Power, 21st March

There will be a lot of challenges in the coming week. I can see that the outer world will try to bring you back to the disbelief, that peace on this world can be possible. It will try to bring you back to the world of polarity where war is the normal result.

So deepen the decision inside of your heart. Deepen the readiness to invite the peace power in every single moment.

Leave all your thoughts about politicians behind you. Use your imagination and go to the heart where every person is rooted in peace. Go to this decision that this system change can and will happen. It is a question of time, when humanity will be ready. You can help: Invite this internal powers to your consciousness, to your heart.

Humanity is meant to live on this planet in a cosmic biotope – learning to bring peace into life.
Go with an open heart.
Your adventure is no longer war, your adventure is peace.