Ring of Power question for Monday

A dream comes into life around the world: peace villages, communities, holistic research centers and Healing Biotopes emerge in many countries. Ask your cooperation partner: What do these decentralized projects for global healing need in order to fully anchor themselves in their regions and to establish vivid relationships around them? What are the messages from the cosmic world that we need to take into account for this process? First of all, focus your attention on the region you live in and how your work is embedded in that region.   After this we invite you to join an experiment: The Colombian peace community San José de Apartadó currently needs our attention and support. Together, we want to focus on the negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC-Ep guerrilla, which are just about to conclude by signing a peace treaty in Havana, Cuba. For the past 19 years, the peace community of San José has established an island of humaneness in the midst of a brutal war, however has been persecuted in the most atrocious ways. Let’s visualize that they will now receive recognition and protection and that the rights of all Colombian peace communities will be included as a clause in the peace treaty. Let’s visualize President Santos will officially acknowledge the peace community as an example for nonviolent coexistence and for the reconciliation in the entire country. For more information, please read our petition for San José. We would be happy if you could go along in this experiment. If you feel no resonance with this issue, feel free to follow your own tracks.

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