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Stone Circle22

We are currently using the stone circle of Tamera as inspiration for the Ring of Power. This artistic symbol of a functioning, universal community helps us reconnect to eternal and omnipresent knowledge of how sustainable peace can be lived among people here on Earth. Sabine Lichtenfels lets the stones speak. (More information about the stone circle:

We will publish the Ring of Power question every weekend on this page and you are welcome to join us with this question for the meditation on Monday morning at sunrise.

The inspiration and meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels will be put online on Monday on both this website and on Sabine’s Facebook page.

In addition you can register to receive the Ring of Power – Newsletter which is sent out once a week and which includes a link to the current Ring of Power meditation as well as a short video message. Please register here:





Monday, 24th of September 2018: What is this week about? And: What do you love when you love?
Monday, 17th of September 2018: What is this week about? And: What kind of role does community building play in the process of transformation on Earth?
Monday, 10th of September 2018: What is this week about? And: How do the self healing powers of life operate?
Monday, 03rd of September 2018: What is this week about? And: What can nourish/sustain us in our political work?
Monday, 27th of August 2018: Where there was unconsciousness, let consciousness enter. Which insight is awaiting you?
Monday, 20th of August 2018: What is to do to balance the inner and the outer fire?
Monday, 13th of August 2018: Rise to the hights of your spirit. Have you accomplished your dreams?
Monday, 06th of August 2018: How can the indigenous power help us to move towards a healing future?
Monday, 30th of July 2018: You are a part of the whole. Perceive, how wisdom comes to you through that connection.
Monday, 23rd of July 2018: Can you envision the new man who does not exploit the Earth anymore but instead serves her?
Monday, 16th of July 2018: What is the organizing principle of the sacred matrix?
Monday, 09th of July 2018 – the vision stone: Can you see the transition from a war culture into a peace culture? Connect to the power of vision!

Monday, 02nd of July 2018 – the father stone: Our time is shaped by patriarchal history. In the center there was a punishing and strict father figure. Can you see the image of a loving father who loves the earth and takes care for her? How can we as women support the birth of the new man? Defend the sacred!

Monday, 25th of June 2018: ‘In order to experience personal and global healing, what is the necessary switch for that to happen?’ Use the meditation to send your prayers to a person or place that needs healing.

Monday, 18th of June 2018: What is the universal power that is able to heal?

Monday, 11th of June 2018: Which powers want to resurrect in the Middle East, amidst all war, right now?
If you can see it: Send those healing energies to the Middle East!

Monday, 04th of June 2018: Which power guides us in transitioning from one dimension into the other?

Monday, 21st of May 2018: Can you envision a culture in which sensual self acceptance is at the core?
Monday, 28th of May 2018: Which true words want to be born out of your open heart?
Monday, 14th of May 2018: Who thinks, when I think?
Monday, 07th of May 2018: How does love feel like, without fear and disguise?
Monday, 30th of April 2018: Where do you meet the sacred in Eros? Can you perceive it as global power?
Monday, 23rd of April 2018: What wants to die in you and what is it that wants to be reborn?
Monday, 16th of April 2018: How do you encounter the unknown, which wants to enter your life?
Monday, 9th of April 2018: What does the power of spring want in you?

Monday, 02nd of April 2018: What wants to resurrect within you?

Monday, 26th of March 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? And: What does real abundance mean for you?

Monday, 19th of March 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? And: What does the being of water want to tell me?

Monday, 12th of March 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? Can you feel the gratitude in your heart? And do you feel the power that comes from gratitude?

Monday, 05th of March 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? And: Can you envision a movement through which a free Earth emerges?
Monday, 26th of February 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? And: Can you integrate the wild powers of life and of the woman into your vision of peace?
Monday, 19th of February 2018: What does the world need from me, how can I serve? And: What does the voice of compassion in me say?
Monday, 12th of February 2018: What does the world need from me the most right now? And: Which power is stronger than violence?
Monday, 29th of January 2018: What does the world need from me, how can I serve? And:
Which places on Earth serve best as acupuncture point for healing and the establishment of healing biotopes and future communities?
Monday, 22nd of January 2018: Use the Ring of Power meditation to send light and the power of protection to the peace community San José de Apartado in Colombia.
Monday, 15th of January 2018: Thoughts create reality. What do I want to learn and how can I have a healing impact through my gathered knowledge?
Monday, 08th of January 2018: Community does not only consist of people. How can we support that the being of the forest will be seen and protected?
Monday, 01st of January 2018: How can the light of peace shine even in difficult situations? We ask for a silent meditation for the peace community San José de Apartado who currently suffer of death threads.
Monday, 11th of December 2017: From you I receive to you I give – how can this healing energy enter the being of economy?
Monday, 04th of December 2017: What does your Christ nature need for its unfolding?
Monday, 27th of November 2017: What is the power of peace communities?
Monday, 20th of November 2017: What is a peace community? And how can we contribute to the emergence of peace communities worldwide?
Monday, 13th of November 2017: What is peace?
Monday, 06th of November 2017: What is my most relevant next step now?
Monday, 30th of October 2017: What keeps a community together?
Monday, 23rd of October 2017: What do we have to let go of in order to allow the process of renewal?
Monday, 09th of October 2017: We find ourselves in times of global transformation. What is the inner necessary system change?
Monday, 18th of September 2017: What does truth mean, from a cosmic point of view?
Monday, 11th of September 2017: The Earth is shaken by heavy nature catastrophes. Can you hear the voice of the Earth? What does she demand from us people?
Monday, the 04th of September 2017: In the universe exists an archetypical image of a love community. Can you see this image, free of fear and disguise?

Monday, 21st of August 2017: Can you envision a healed Earth?

Monday, 14th of August 2017: What is my role for global healing?

Monday, 24th of July 2017: What does the world need from us the most, right now?

Monday, 17th of July 2017: When we want to defend the sacred, we have to come to know it. “What is sacred?”

Monday, 10th of July 2017: From a cosmic point of view, what is my contribution to sacred activism?

Monday, 03rd of July 2017: We are preparing the international summer camp “Defend the sacred” in Tamera. Sacred activism has become a global keyword for the unique connection between politics and spirituality. How does the peace movement gain strength now? We dedicate the Ring of Power to the question: “What is the key for spreading healing peace information?”

Monday, 26th of June 2017: „Defend the sacred!“ In many places on Earth fires are burning and causing destruction. Countless people are dying in the flames which are almost impossible to control. From a cosmic point of view, what is the information and the action which can stop the increasing fire hazard?

Monday, 19th of June 2017: “What helps us to stay connected to our source in these turbulent times?”

Monday, 12th of June 2017: “Why is healing love a political issue?”

Monday, 05th of June 2017: “What is my vocation? What do I dedicate myself to?”

Monday, 29th of May 2017: “What do you love when you love?”

Monday, 22nd of May 2017: “What needs to be done for global healing?”

Monday, 15th of May 2017:  “What shall we pay attention to, this week?”