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September 23rd, 2017:

Dear friends of the Ring of Power,

Sabine Lichtenfels is currently travelling in the US. During this time we will pause with the Ring of Power. We will publish a short text of Sabine Lichtenfels every Monday, serving as inspiration for the week. Mid of October we will then restart with the weekly channellings during sunrise!

Your Ring of Power team





Monday, 23rd of October 2017: What do we have to let go of in order to allow the process of renewal?
Monday, 09th of October 2017: We find ourselves in times of global transformation. What is the inner necessary system change?
Monday, 18th of September 2017: What does truth mean, from a cosmic point of view?
Monday, 11th of September 2017: The Earth is shaken by heavy nature catastrophes. Can you hear the voice of the Earth? What does she demand from us people?
Monday, the 04th of September 2017: In the universe exists an archetypical image of a love community. Can you see this image, free of fear and disguise?

Monday, 21st of August 2017: Can you envision a healed Earth?

Monday, 14th of August 2017: What is my role for global healing?

Monday, 24th of July 2017: What does the world need from us the most, right now?

Monday, 17th of July 2017: When we want to defend the sacred, we have to come to know it. “What is sacred?”

Monday, 10th of July 2017: From a cosmic point of view, what is my contribution to sacred activism?

Monday, 03rd of July 2017: We are preparing the international summer camp “Defend the sacred” in Tamera. Sacred activism has become a global keyword for the unique connection between politics and spirituality. How does the peace movement gain strength now? We dedicate the Ring of Power to the question: “What is the key for spreading healing peace information?”

Monday, 26th of June 2017: „Defend the sacred!“ In many places on Earth fires are burning and causing destruction. Countless people are dying in the flames which are almost impossible to control. From a cosmic point of view, what is the information and the action which can stop the increasing fire hazard?

Monday, 19th of June 2017: “What helps us to stay connected to our source in these turbulent times?”

Monday, 12th of June 2017: “Why is healing love a political issue?”

Monday, 05th of June 2017: “What is my vocation? What do I dedicate myself to?”

Monday, 29th of May 2017: “What do you love when you love?”

Monday, 22nd of May 2017: “What needs to be done for global healing?”

Monday, 15th of May 2017:  “What shall we pay attention to, this week?”