Transformation of the Warrior

Do you want to stop war? Then together we stand as guardians at the gate of the birth of the new age. I stand for the transformation of the Warrior because I know the power of war. Over centuries I have learned how to focus this power in a way where I have become an excellent warrior. I know the point where I could defeat an opponent with focus and power. I could see his weakness and I could know the exact point where he was reachable and vulnerable. I never acted in the heat of the moment, as I was also trained to act with discipline and in right timing. Now I stand here and I am in a process of rebirth. I stand guard at the gate of the transformation of the warrior. I know immense powers and I also know that violence can not be ended with violence, nor can these powers be suppressed. I stand for the power of focus, concentration, swiftness and precision. I stand for the power of absolute presence, attentiveness and alertness. I know the power of the sword. I know the art of the archer who can, with the force of Zen, reach his aim very precisely. I don’t use this power any longer for war or to defeat any enemy. I no longer live for or gain power from the weaknesses of my enemies. I have no interest in weakening the enemy, but instead I want to bring the enemy to another level, by my side, as a companion on the path of compassion, a path which protects all that lives. I stand for the power which is mightier than all violence. I stand for a space that is free of fear, one where perception is so precise that it supports humanity in evolving to a new level. I awaken. I organize. I help and heal by letting this immense power work through me; I do not suppress this power, but instead, I let it guide me it into a new realm of compassion for all life. I connect with all soldiers on earth. I connect with all those who bravely fight for their mother land, believing in a good cause. And, the war has to end now – world wide. I am not afraid anymore, because I have the power and the courage to say ‘No’ when and where I see injustice. I also know the power of resistance, which can arise against me from the fear of my power. I no longer fear this resistance. I now support the transformation of this resistance energy, so that it does not need to turn into war, but instead, it recognizes itself as energy that can support the power of life. This energy can also be smoothly and powerfully channelled towards healing throughout the planet. Join me, so that together we put our weapons down, and discover the high power of Geist which is mightier than all violence. This power which helps all soldiers to find the courage to refuse military service, this power that guides them in learning to say ‘No’ to all kinds of violence and ‘yes’ to the power and the vision of peace. This peace surrounds the whole globe, all life, the entire universe. We become guardians and lovers of a new truth and a new earth. Ya Azim   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the transformed warrior, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the stone: