Anchoring your project in your region

140315_Tamera_Ecology_Communityaction_SDV_40“What is needed from the peace research villages for the regions – what do the neighbors need?

The answer is very simple: Ask your region. Come in contact. Feel the frequency of the land. Ask the mountains in your area. They have their own language and you can listen to them.

Ask the trees, ask the water in your land – from where are you coming, how do you want to be treated? Listen to the soul stories. Feel, that every living being has something that you call the identity of the I – I AM. Feel that there is the same core in that being, like in you.

From this point you can listen to the voice and can figure out what to do. You can listen to the soul frequency of the neighbors, the mountains, the water.

Ask: from where are you coming, where do you go and what do you need?

You will receive clear answers and you will be able to understand them, as it is the same I in the centre of all beings. …”

(Excerpt of the Ring of Power Meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels)


Dear Members,
You can listen to the whole Ring of Power meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels below and you can also share the messages which you received:


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