What is resurrection?

In the Christian world we celebrate the Resurrection at Easter. What is it that we celebrate? I meditate on the question, what is resurrection?   To understand the spirit of resurrection it is important to become absolutely silent and to perceive the divine principle of life – to learn to see and understand it ever more deeply. Who or what is dying when you die? Who or what is resurrecting? When you really concentrate then you will feel the power of eternal life alongside the cycle of becoming & dissolving. You will understand the miracle of the I on a completely new level – as a power that guides everything. A guiding power that holds everything together. This principle is also at work within you. You can see that which wants to die is accumulated pain – accumulated emotions, the accumulated identifying with this lifetime’s biography. You can be grateful for this principle of becoming and dissolving. The deeper and faster you learn to see this and to let go, the deeper you learn not to identify with your biographical processes. The faster you can then identify with the divine principle, with the power of resurrection, with the power that lies behind all things and is steering the becoming and dissolving. Everything passes: joy passes, sadness passes, pain passes. But this power is always there. It is a power that guides everything – the power which you call I. This power wants to resurrect within humankind. All life will change when this resurrection takes place within humanity – when you understand which function you have in the overall principle of creation. Nurture this image of the resurrection of humanity. Nurture it within your heart, within yourself and within the world. (…) You will resurrect as the entity, as the totality, as the eternally vibrating soul that weaves through everything. This power can heal. This power can renew your entire cellular system. It comes from the original divine power, from the original divine cell of material and non-material being. You will discover that all matter is itself energy unfolding according to this principle and that you have come in order to understand fully, to say yes fully and to take on your task in life fully. Happy Easter (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the full meditation here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Ring-of-Power-17-April-17.mp3