What does your global heart love?

The sun is rising and the question for today is, ‘What does your global heart love’? From some minutes silence and listening to the world the answer if very simple. There is no difference between a global heart and a personal heart. The heart and the loving heart is the power of survival on this globe. The global loving heart loves the miracle of life. It loves beauty. It loves Eros. It loves to be in matter. It loves the sound of the animals, the birds. It loves the wind, the water, the mountains and by its nature it of course loves human beings very deeply human beings – humanity. And looking from my heart to the situation of this globe the loving heart also feels a big pain because the loving heart is always conducted by compassion. You can see that the whole of humanity is under the hypnosis of fear. Our personal situation and our global situation is the same – we no longer dare to really open our global heart for universal love, for the system of love. We can see and feel that love wants a system change from us. This is deeply connected with real universal trust. Universal love knows no borders; universal love is always connected with unity and also with intimacy. The global love doesn’t know any difference between a very powerful relationship and loving the whole. Personal love is a role model for how how love wants to unfold. A global loving heart is always faithful and its connected with divine power; it loves the divine, the sacred, power of life. And from here it will always listen to where the divine power wants me to be. It dares to speak and we see that at this point we all fear the system which is not conducted by love. We see that the Christ murder happens every day, again and again, inside of ourselves and in the world. We notice that we need the power of a real revolution to raise our voice and to defend the sacred. We have to learn the change from the system of fear to trust and we have to learn and to see that the divine power is always conducted by community. It’s coming from me to we. It’s rediscovering the big power of community, of life. So the revolution which we are now discovering is not a revolution of force against anything. It’s rediscovering the power of evolution, the power of transformation and the power of daring to build new systems. May this kind of community resurrection happen in this world. The global loving heart wants to initiate a planetary family which lives and acts from this power and which no longer fears punishment. May this week be a blessed week. Ya azim.   Listen to the audio recording here: http://sabine-lichtenfels.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/rdk-1.5.2017_en.mp3