New online study program: Cooperation with all beings

New online study program: Cooperation with all beings

New online study program:

“Cooperation with All Beings:
Contact with Animals, Nature and Spirit”

In this rich new study program we welcome you to join us in exploring answers to these questions:

How does peace with nature come about? How do we come into trusting contact with the soul of animals, plants, elemental beings, with water? How do we come into a trusting contact with our own wild nature?
In this course we will learn what it means to live, communicate and cooperate with the beings of nature.
How does trust develop? How do we come to perceive the abundance of nature, to care for it, to protect it and to guide it gently? What do animals need from us? How do we deal authentically with life? How do we overcome our fear of unloved animals – such as rats?
Sabine Lichtenfels, the director of the Terra Deva project, reports on her diverse experiences in peace work with nature. She begins with an introduction to the stone circle of Tamera, which was built in 2004 together with Marko Pogacnik and others in Tamera. The stone circle connects us with a prehistoric peace culture – and the knowledge from which a healed future can emerge. The course invites us to go deeper into a trusting contact with the animals and nature.
We look forward to seeing you!

Sabine Lichtenfels & Lee v.d. Bussche

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Contributors and topics:

Sabine Lichtenfels – The Stone Circle of Tamera. Working on inner shadows in contact with rats. Water is a living being.

Heike Kessler – Wild Boars. The liberation of Eros and the healing of the separation of flesh and spirit.

Barbara Kovats – Activism for Animal Rights. Living together with brother and sister animal.

Katja Müller – Chickens as co-workers on the land. Cooperation with the animal world

Eike Braunroth – Cooperation with nature and animal communication.

Freya Vogt – Growing with horses: ecological and spiritual experiences

Jörg Matthes – Cooperative gardening; animals and nature as helping forces

Blanca van der Heijden – The Canine Sanctuary, by Tamera: active help and healing work for animals.

Markus Dittrich – When rain touches the ground.

Warm Welcome to join this common research time!