Ring of Power: Outlook and webinars

Ring of Power: Outlook and webinars

Dear friends,

Every year I ask myself anew: Who does the Ring of Power serve, do we want to continue it and if so, how? What needs change?


In order to answer these questions, I went on a journey into the future and looked back from there at the Ring of Power in 2024, from a distance, from high above.

It was beautiful what I saw there and that’s why I’m writing it down here.

I saw a colourful, shining global web of light that stretched across the earth like a spider’s web with glowing dewdrops.

Many of us have managed to establish a continuous connection to our inner guidance. Some have made it a habit to ask each morning: How do I best serve the matrix of peace today?

We have discovered our own divine self as a reliable partner force that helps us at all times to look with clarity and heart power at the difficult circumstances and to recognise our path in them.

Many have discovered how to get in touch with the earth and its soul vibration and actually communicate from centre to centre. We discovered this so-called “I-consciousness” in all beings and were able to tune into it.

“Who are you? “What do you need?”

With the rising of the sun, we have always allowed our inner sun to rise; it has become our shining star and inner guiding force.

A worldwide network of peace activists from the most diverse areas has formed, climate change, water experts, hermits, activists, artists, animal rights activists, communities, a colourful mixture of all cultures.

It was a large, quite mobile, diverse network, without a fixed membership but nevertheless linked to a great vision: the healing of this earth.

Despite all this diversity, a centre has developed, an ever greater stability and holding power has developed as if by itself. We have learnt to stay focused on the question of healing. The necessary coherence and commitment developed automatically, beyond words.

In many places, I saw how small, committed groups formed that used the sunrise meditation on Monday morning to focus together on the coming week. Everyone went into the meditation on their own at first and then some of them met around the fire or via the internet to exchange ideas.

Again and again there was joy and amazement at the coherent visual space, as if a higher self was looking through our eyes and helping us to find our way in these challenging times.

Some have also developed sun dances, or meditative forms of movement, to find out from there what wants to come into our consciousness from the cosmic world. Others did power walks to bring themselves into a connected vibration. We didn’t have a set method for this.

What they all had in common was that they initially went alone into the silence, they all wanted to listen into the frequency of the week and align their own visual space with the whole.

For many of us, the need to listen to the voice of the earth had become so urgent that we lived almost like hermits in between in order to fully tune into the holistic aspect of healing. We all had one spiritual orientation in common: true non-violence, communion with all living things and co-operation with visible and invisible forces.

Through this spiritual unconditionality in our cosmic will to fully correspond to these values within ourselves, a frequency change took place quietly, peace became a tremendous reality for us, and almost incidentally miracles, both large and small, took place.

The new book “The Stone Circle, 96 Primal Images for Peace” with the accompanying tarot helped many of us to deepen our spirituality and align ourselves together, which made it possible for us to remain focussed on peace despite much external turbulence, war and natural disasters. This path gave many of us access to a great vision of peace for autonomous communities on this earth.

Every week on Sunday evening, a card was drawn for the week, giving us all a common direction in our diversity and guidance as to where help would come from for our daily lives that week.

New networks, new aid initiatives, new peace movements were activated in various places around the world. Fronts dissolved, enmities, even subtle, almost unconscious enmities turned into the will to co-operate and love for something greater.

So we joined together in new initiatives regardless of our affiliation to a nation or race or gender. It awakened in all of us a radicalisation (going to the root) and the unconditional will to commit ourselves fully to the healing of this earth with all its beings.

We have not yet succeeded in ending the war on this earth globally, but inner peace has become a benchmark for us. We were able to recognise exactly where and why we were slipping and correct our path. On this path, we have found faith again and the natural authority to be midwives for a new era. We no longer doubt: peace is a reality. Together we remember the other reality, the power and reality of the Tree of Life, which is slowly awakening to a new consciousness in the cosmic consciousness of mankind.

The legend of the expulsion from paradise, the mythology of the punishing god, gave way to the memory of the tree of life, where man has found his role again in the great cosmic family of life.

This powerful vision has led me to continue the Ring of Power and to invite you all to participate.

Sabine Lichtenfels

In order to call this vision into concrete reality, we from the MarIsis team would like to continue the concrete networking and deepening through regular webinars in 2024. We cordially invite you to join us.

The concrete picture:

Our best picture is that regional subgroups are forming to start an exchange with each other in groups of five.

We will continue to work with the new book “The Stone Circle, 96 Primal Images for Peace” in the coming months. (You can order this book and the tarot cards from the publisher Meiga).

Every Sunday evening, one of our team will draw a card from the new tarot book, which we will use as inspiration for the week. It is also great if you would like to do this yourself in your group.

On Monday morning, we invite everyone to take part in the morning meditation. Our common question is: How do I serve inner and outer peace with my actions? What is the frequency of the week that supports me in this endeavour?

Everyone can receive our Ring of Power newsletter that we send out weekly and watch the film that reflects what Sabine Lichtenfels or another team member received in the sunrise meditation.


We are happy to receive your donations. This supports the work of the MarIsis team and our Tamera community.

The money raised will go towards the projects we are planning in the MarIsis team and the basic budget of Tamera.

If you would like to take part but are not able to do so financially, please get in touch and we will think about it together.

For us, the donation is also a sign of commitment. We would like to organize webinars from which a binding supra-regional cooperation can gradually develop.

Participation in one webinar:

You can take part in a webinar for a one-off donation of 30 euros or more.

Year-round participation:

For an annual donation of 200 euros or more, you can participate in all webinars in 2024. You can also publish your own entries in the web blog if you participate throughout the year. Sabine will post a weekly spiritual diary in this blog.


The webinars will take place on the last Sunday of each month. The exact dates will be announced soon on Sabine’s website at Ring der Kraft “Networking and Deepening”. The first date will be in January.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our joint research journey.

With best regards,

The MarIsis Team