Fascinating experiences with the essence of water – inspired by Veda Austin’s research

Fascinating experiences with the essence of water – inspired by Veda Austin’s research

Fascinating experiences with the essence of water

from  Anne Meyer-Seeßelberg

In the last online course Contact: Human * Animal * Nature we heard a lot of moving things about the nature of water, about the experiences from Tamera, about calling the water, its feminine power and the fact that water is life…
I found this fascinating and touching, mysterious and it made me curious for more, more rapprochement, more contact, deeper understanding…

This is how I came across Veda Austin’s research during further research. The New Zealander with Maori roots describes her own healing story with spring water – incredible and fantastic in itself… As a result of her respectful approach to water, an observant and appreciative approach to this fascinating substance that defies the laws of physics, she first made the ability of water to retain information visible to everyone.

By briefly informing the water in a petri dish with words, images, objects, visions, dreams, music…, which she then freezes using a special technique, artistic ice images become visible. And this is not only her ability, it is open to all of us to get in touch with water, with its essence, in this way.
On her website, you can look at numerous photos of the petri dishes taken with your cell phone after about 5 minutes in the freezer next to peas and ice, as she says, and immerse yourself in a mystery whose size opens up a new space. At least that’s how I feel.

Here are a few examples:

Veda initially wondered whether the water in the bowl could detect which hand was holding it – and received a kind of X-ray image of her hand.

With a “4” on a piece of paper under the petri dish, a 4 was clearly visible in the ice, or in the profile photo of her friend, her face was clearly recognizable…


I wrote the number 4 onto a piece of paper and placed                               Written number 4 Ice response

 the petri dish on top of it for 30 seconds pre freezing.

This is the photo influence of my friend , I placed Ice response                  Ice response
a petri dish of water on top of it for 30 seconds pre freezing.

When she placed a sunflower seed in the water, the image of a sunflower blossom appeared, and in the case of a seed, a whole branch of the bush from which it came.

Some water from a glass from which a pregnant woman had drunk showed an embryo, or water from a dog bowl from which a schnauzer had drunk showed a schnauzer.

When she dipped her finger into the water, the picture showed her fingertip with a piece of nail broken out of it, which she only accidentally broke an hour later.

The series goes on and on… it is unbelievable, almost too fantastic and yet imitable…
The origin of the water can also be visualized: depending on whether the water came from the municipal water supply, from a spring, from the rain or from the sea, its composition looked very different. Spring water is the most artistic, conjuring up delicate fern-like formations in the water, while tap water looks fragmented. It was also exciting that when she held the tap water to her heart for a while with attention and appreciation, signs of the original variety of shapes and beauty shone through… She then placed a petri dish of the spring water she had previously looked at next to a 5G mast for a few hours – and here, too, it was visible what the radiation does to the water, a shattering of the structures was visible.
If you go to her website, you can find many more examples.

Now these are impulses that make us curious, allow us to step out of the rational mind that tells us: “This can’t be!”, and thus enable us to wonder again, bring us closer to openness, enchant us and reconnect us with a world that we have long since lost. For that alone I am infinitely grateful! Reviving indigenous knowledge, as described by Tiokasin Ghosthorse in his beautiful text ‘Mni Wiconi’, is so healing for our connection with the earth.

If you want to go a step further, listen to Veda Austin in one of her many interviews on YouTube, of which the one with the title of this section “The Secret Intelligence of Water as Liquid Language of God” (as video or audio) hints at a depth that I realize is a sacred space that invites us all to explore and find home. Because healthy water is obviously able to heal:
If you place two glasses of water, one from a spring, the other smashed from the tap, next to each other, the ruined water heals – not the other way around. And the same thing happens if you place the egg of a hen that is allowed to live in freedom next to one from a hen that was trapped in a cage.

Research questions that lend themselves to further exploration are:

If I can help maltreated water back to a more wholesome form through treatment in the waterworks and pipes, by holding it to my heart and giving it attention and appreciation – what happens to people in my immediate surroundings who are not doing well at all right now if I “hold them to my heart” in a figurative sense? After all, we are made up of over 90% water…

What about animals and plants, which are also largely made up of water?
What would happen if many of us turned to the water in our environment with gratitude and appreciation, regularly…? Regardless of whether it is the water from rivers, lakes, rainwater or water from pipes/sewers that has been taken away by human “civilized” treatment.
If water stores information that it has come into contact with, what information does the “water” in me carry?
What does it need in me so that I can really be in contact and cooperate with the essence of water and so that I can recognize and understand the message of life in it?
This is a very inspiring beginning for me – and I invite you readers to immerse yourselves in the beauty, the healing possibilities and to allow yourselves to be touched by the revealing essence of water.

Anne Meyer-Seeßelberg

Water cosmogramm in the stone circle from Tamera