Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 11.03.2024

Diary entry on the Ring of Power by Sabine Lichtenfels from 11.03.2024

An eventful week lies behind us.

Only through a firm inner spiritual practice have I been able to weave together the many organizational threads and anchor my soul in the calm and power of peace.

The connection with Nammu reminded me every day to connect with the original dream of peace and to seek out the originality of this source within me.

We spent the whole week working on the theme of inner and outer peace. By building the instrument, we were able to study the coherence of a group, how it vibrates together when the common intention is clear and we stay aligned.

Personally, I built a sound body for the preparation and was able to study in myself how much the invisible eternal vibration wants to come together with space and time.

Pachamama is the name given to the earth in the Quechua language. A friend and healer from the Andes told us that the more precise term stands for the coming together of space and time, the qualities of this earth space. They want to connect with each other in such a way that inner peace becomes possible.

On Sunday we put our large instrument into the fire. We studied how the elements combine, condense and materialize. It was a shared celebration in the region. The weather forces played with us. This whole coming week we will now work on the instrument to call forth the sound that will help us activate peace within ourselves and our surroundings and constantly remind us to keep our thoughts clear and pure.

I feel like I am witnessing the birth of a new age. So much clarification, so much reconciliation and forgiveness, so much awareness and penetration of the trauma forces are needed!

In this context, I would like to thank you for the many wonderful responses we have received to the Pioneers of Change online summit. It describes the vision that came to me at the solstice and activated the idea of action days and meditation days in me.

This fits in with the card we have drawn for this week: Movement for a Free Earth.

For me, this whole week will be a preparation for the time from March 20th Equinox to March 23rd, it is under the star of a network formation that arises from the open heart.

People from Ukraine, Palestine, Irsael, Dsuchland, the USA, South America, Slovenia, Austria and other places will be with us in meditation and action to make visible that we are already seeing through and leaving the kireg system.

The interview will take place on March 13th: Outcry of Life, with Charles Eisenstein, Sami Awad, Gabriel Meyer and myself, held by Kosha Joubert.

A warm welcome!