Arrival of the light

„I am connecting with the universal power of peace. I am connecting with the sacredness of life. Many people are celebrating Christmas these days, the birth of Jesus Christ who was a man, standing like Standing Rock today, for the sacredness of life. Bringing the message of real compassion and of universal love. ‘God is love’ was his core message. We know that we all have to ask our brothers and sisters, especially from the indigenous cultures, for forgiveness. For the fact that a religion was created which tried to dominate other cultures with the misuse of power. We know that Jesus with his message would not have participated in killing others. He was tortured, he was killed himself by the imperialistic culture. When we celebrate Christmas now, we celebrate with all people who are standing up for life, who are standing up for the sacredness of life, for the protection of life, everywhere, who are standing up for solidarity and real compassion. (…) We celebrate the rebirth of light, which was celebrated already thousands of years before Jesus Christ was born.” (Excerpt from Sabine Lichtenfels’ morning meditation)   Here you can listen to the complete meditation: