Anubis – The dog

Please call me Anubis. This is my spiritual name. I am son of Nephtys and I guide you into the underworld. In the darkest of places my light can shine. I circle around the issue of forgiveness. By nature I am connected to hunting. But who still remembers the connection between the issue of hunting and the consciousness of unity? Only when you stop fearing death can true re-connection take place. My other quality is faithfulness. My roots lie in the wild but I carry great faithfulness to mankind. I love to serve but my service was abused by humans and as a result the dog world lost its original connection to its wildness. A deep healing wants to take place between the wild animal and the dog. Through my readiness to serve humans I was forced to hunt in places where, by my own nature, I would not have hunted. Since then the dog’s soul has carried a deep trauma. In order for dogs to recover their deeper wild nature this trauma has to be resolved. This can only happen together with people; the full healing of humankind is also my healing. My big spirit sheds light into the darkest spots. It is in this way that I accompany mankind back to its original instinctive nature. I awaken instinctive knowledge in those who work with me and seek my higher soul. I also guard the threshold into the world of the deceased. I can feel and recognize spirits. I sense fear. I want to be well anchored in the stone circle. Ya Azim   (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the dog, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the dog stone: