Staying connected to our inner divine source

In these times of turbulence how can we stay connected to our inner divine source?   Many people have died in the recent fires. My first morning mediation is connected with fire, with the source fire and to healing. I connect with the souls who gave their lives in the fire. I pray for healing. I greet the spirit of water. I greet the spirit of fire. And I greet the spirit of universal love. I am looking for the inner source to which we as humanity can stay connected as we face so much chaos, so much pain, so much murder and death of the innocent. Coming from the mediation I feel gratitude for having felt the source which is always there and which is asking us as human beings to reconnect with the aspect of eternal life, of eternal love. From this point we will understand and regain the ability to interact with the powers of the world in a way that healing can take place. This is not a question of belief. This is a question of finding the stillness and seeing, bearing witness to this power. It is waiting for us, as divine beings, to cooperate. From there we can see that we can and will be able to communicate with fire, to communicate with water and all the powers of nature. From there we will understand that the Earth was misused for so many centuries and is waiting for our awakening. If we deal with fire and water in the right way, violence can disappear. If we deal with the secret of community in the right way violence can and will disappear from this planet. Without us human beings seeing and recognising this, change will not happen. So we are called to understand deeply the system change which has to happen inside of us. In this sense we are bridge-builders. We have to learn to face the pain of the world without being shocked, without closing our eyes. We have to face it and from there we can look to the source, asking why is there this chaos right now on the planet? Understanding where it started and where the point of change has to be. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: