Figure out who you really are

The question is: How do you best serve in this time of transformation? Take it to your heart. Go inwards and into silence and you will receive the answer. Very simply the answer is: figure out who you really are. It is not just the level of your personal biography that is meant here but something much deeper. Find your way back to your divine nature. Find out that all the systems which were developed by human beings were developed mainly in separation from this divine power. If you find your way back to what you really are you also will find the system change which is needed right now. The deepest system change is the change from fear to trust. So first figure out what it means to trust, to really trust in life, to really trust in universal love. If you open your heart to this quality you will be guided. In this society you normally, as if under hypnosis, follow fear. You follow professions which do not come fully from your heart. If open your heart you will always listen to your real calling. On a deep level you will recognize how necessary the system change is inside of you and in the world. Some people then ask, ‘Do I have to leave the system?’ The answer is clearly, no. It is not a question of leaving but of recognizing. It is about recognizing the nature of the new system which wants to become visible. Although it is hidden, it is already there. And then you can understand your pain in a different way, as a birth pain. You will know whether you are a bridge-builder and need to open trust inside the system, making the vision of transformation visible or whether you have to step out and develop, with all energy you have, new kinds of social structures. (…) (Excerpt from the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels)   Listen to the recording of the meditation here: