Invitation for joint actions for peace

Invitation for joint actions for peace

Invitations for joint actions for peace

MarisisThe events in Gaza continue to keep us in a state of bewilderment and have prompted us not to give up. We have known it for a long time: it does not serve peace to respond to violence with counter-violence. What is currently happening on earth needs our clear and distinct voice. We are working for a future without violence.

A small group in Tamera meets every Friday morning for a peace meditation. What is our contribution to ending the cruel killings in the Gaza Strip? We want to visualise examples of how we can fundamentally end war, including in Ukraine and other regions.

The more weapons are delivered to the war zones, the more hopeless a humane solution will be. This must be made visible and transparent, despite all the consternation. We are all involved in this madness as long as we cannot see and realise non-violent solutions. If we are not prepared to fundamentally change the system, there will soon be no more civil societies, no Ukraine, no Israel and no Palestine.
In our focus on Gaza, it became abundantly clear that this is a global issue that depends on all of us to solve, and of course this also applies to other war zones. The problem can no longer be solved at the level of nations, we see only one way out of this global impasse of war: co-operating with the matrix of life and remembering how this earth wants to be inhabited.

With our action for Gaza, we want to show that we cannot heal the soul of humanity with bombing terror. It only leads to infinite hatred of the survivors. We distance ourselves from the concept of enmity, because this concept is not intended in the divine world order. We are talking about the concept of the Sacred Matrix and the corresponding ethics that we all carry within us.

We ask ourselves daily: What is my contribution today to ending violence on this earth? How do we connect with all movements that specifically call for an end to violence? We will not be silenced by accusations of anti-Semitism. We want to protect the Semites, both Israeli and Palestinian, and distance ourselves from governments that not only allow the mass murder of civilians, but even promote it with arms supplies. The Hamas attack was brutal and inhumane, but in the name of humanity we cannot respond to these acts of violence with cruelty and the murder of tens of thousands of children. Our sympathies go out to all those who have lost close friends and relatives in their families. Together we must ask ourselves how we can step out of this spiral of violence and mistreatment of this earth.

Invitation to a time of meditation and action together

19/20 March to 23 March: Equinox, peace and fire meditations
In the northern hemisphere, the first day of spring will be on 19 March 2024, here in Portugal on 20 March 3.06 GMT. Some of us will be meditating on these days at different power places. We know that on these days many indigenous peoples have been performing rituals for thousands of years to help them connect with the earth vibrations and cosmic currents. We invite you to connect with the sacred alliance of life through sacred fires and/or silent meditations at sacred power places of the earth. From here we will learn how the earth can and wants to be inhabited and supported by us.
22 March: Actions and meditations on water healing. Water is life. It has a soul and carries memory. We honour the element of water in our own way on this day. Water knows no borders and carries its information everywhere. Some will go on pilgrimages, others will meditate at important water places. Still others will take action through public events. We invite everyone to participate in their favorite water places.
23 March: We focus our attention on the importance of decentralized communities. We propose concerts around the world that draw attention to the need for comprehensive systemic change and point to our networked intelligence. 23 March marks the 27th anniversary of the Peace Community “Communidad de Paz San José de Apartadó”. In a world of cruelty and violence, they have laid down their weapons. In solidarity with them, we will also dedicate this day to honoring autonomous community building. Let us make visible that we are united by the unconditional will to end the war and to give the voice of life its due.

Opportunities for participation

The following proposal has emerged from the contributions to the joint meditation on 22.12.2023 (see below).

  • A small group has already begun to draw up a manifesto that expresses our common intention – global peace – end war – lay down all weapons – withdraw from the system that is constantly generating new wars. It will be ready as soon as possible so that we can think about a wide distribution. If you would like to help with the distribution, please contact us under the keyword: Distributor.
  • equinox: A group will meditate at various ancient places of power at the time of the equinox and there will also be sacred fires burning. (We will connect simultaneously at 3.06 am and 4.00 pm GMT) and thus include the frequency and help of the earth, elements, animals and plants. Many have already confirmed their participation. If you know important power places and want to participate, please contact us under the keyword. Place of power.
  • At the same time, experienced fire keepers will be dedicated to the power of fire – they will ensure that the fires burn and are tended in many places on this earth during Equinox. Contact us under the keyword: Firekeeper.
  • A group is organizing regional actions and meditations for World Water Day on 22 March. We are thinking of pilgrimages, meditations at various bodies of water, songs and prayers, at springs or other water places. The “Defend the sacred alliance” has already become active. Water is life! If you are planning activities here, please get in touch using the keyword: World Water Day.
  • What is particularly important to us in this context: political actions that do not create enmity, but rather make the absolute will for non-violence visible. War cannot bring reconciliation, is the call of young Israelis. “Creating peace without weapons” is the call of young conscientious objectors. People from Ukraine and Palestine are resolutely in favour of the search for a non-violent path. They need us and our voice. If you are planning actions, please contact us under the keyword: Actions.
  • People who stand up for the creation of autonomous peace communities are currently under threat in many places and are barely managing to survive on their own. Findhorn, Auroville, Damanhur, Tamera, São Paulo, groups in Africa, Rojava and many other communities in Europe are going through many external and internal resistances. The peace community of San José de Apartado celebrates its 27th birthday on 23 March. They have survived despite the most difficult circumstances and are a rare example of truly lived and practiced non-violence and the emergence of non-violent autonomous territories in threatened parts of the world. Peace communities need protection and a common ethic. They need our international attention. Here in Tamera, people from the region and people from Tamera are working together to build a large sound column as a memorial for peace. On 23 March, we are inviting people around the world to organize concerts for the protection of peace communities. If you are planning actions here, please get in touch using the keyword: Music event.
  • Our meditation on 22 December also resulted in more and more events, interviews, podcasts, etc. being brought to our attention. We will publish a compilation with important links for texts, videos etc. If you are planning interviews or public podcasts or summits on the subject of war and peace, please contact us under the keyword: Public.
  • We hope that all these actions will form a global group that will continue to meet regularly to agree on a global peace plan and give us the strength to persevere. The plan is based on the idea that the system of violence can be permanently overcome if we succeed in using one or more models to show concretely what a non-violent system of life could look like. If you would like to contribute to this, please contact us with the keyword: Peace Plan.

We are working on a list where we will visualize all actions, who can and will participate and in what way. We are collecting all ideas and will help to publicize them.

We have prepared a form in which you can enter your planned meditation or action. This link will take you directly to the form and you can then send it to us. 

We will publish the list of planned activities soon here on this website. 

Evaluation of the meditation from 22.12.2023

On 22 December at the solstice, we called for a meditation in which many people from different countries took part, especially people from the West Bank, people from Gaza and Palestine, from Israel, but also from Colombia, Brazil, etc..
Around 30 people have the special task of going on the receiving end to get answers about what we can do to end the violence. A large network of people supported this process in meditation, and we received many letters. I quote from them:

“About 10 minutes after 4.00 pm I felt such a strong vibration (…) I knew this is the power of shared energy. So my very big request: continue this endeavor and keep calling for it at regular intervals if possible. “It is so hopeless what we see in society, and only if we pool what we are convinced of as quickly as possible and unite worldwide can we turn the tide.”

Many of us have received that the peace matrix is a reality and that invisible and visible forces want to help free the human matrix, which is trapped in the war matrix, so that it can find its way back to its original purity and power.
Symbolized by the tree of life, sacred power places and sacred water places, the living alliance of all life became visible. For many, the connection in meditation was central, where the human being reorganizes and cooperates with the living earth – it seemed as if our outcry was also theirs. The alliance of visible and invisible forces, all want to help and need us humans as a mouthpiece that really asks into the sacred alliance of all life.
As part of this great force, some have also seen very concrete political actions that make it clear that we can raise our voices against all forms of violence. Direct, clear, transparent and true – regionally and globally at the same time.
If you click here you can see a summary of the submissions we received.

Thank you for your commitment,
Sabine Lichtenfels and the MarIsis team