Cooperation with Rain, Ring of Power, 11.04.2016

This week we are called to go with our awareness to Ethiopia. Many people are thirsty and hungry. They are waiting for rain.

We call the rain.

You may ask, if it is possible to call rain. From a holistic point of view it is very natural. It’s not about influencing the weather, but to cooperate with it.

Let’s look back in history: Droughts and desert building was connected with the beginning of patriarchy.

The earth system was blocked: rain couldn’t fall anymore. The same happened in the organism of the human being. The organism was blocked and it created an emotional desert. This is connected with each other.

Let’s invision the natural cycle again, where the blockage of the human soul is solved, and where also the blockage of the planet is solved.

For now, let’s connect with the cycle of water. Imagine, that rain is falling in Ethiopia.

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