The image of an archetypal love community

In the universe exists an archetypal image of a love community. Can you see yourself in this image, free of fear and disguise? It is through the power of awareness and presence in the here and now that you are able to see the image of a love community in this universe. You can see this image at once. It is always there. It is guiding life. You can feel that it is the big call to human race, in this moment of time and space, to reconnect with this image fully, to discover it again. A community of love is deeply connected to the unity of life. You will see that all is born out of this unity and being one with everything it doesn’t make sense to lie, to distrust or to destroy someone else. You know that you are destroying yourself in this. This image of community is as deep and natural as is our breath. All beings are connected to each other. They all carry archetypal energy inside of themselves. They are all part of the unified organism and at the same time polarity is a deep element of positive tension in life. You see how sexual power is giving the attraction and bringing all the powers to movement. It is a divine power. You can see that every partnership is embedded in this big universal community. (…) You will be guided to the partnerships you are called to in this lifetime. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation of Sabine Lichtenfels) Find the complete audio recording of the morning meditation here: