The Fire

  I am the power of sacred fire. I have my anchor in the invisible, and it is only when I cling to something that my light appears. The core of those who discover me changes. The nature of those who allow themselves to be grasped by me changes. I am the light of the holy spirit which gives your soul the power of illumination. The secret of creativity lies in my nature. I am the rising power and the power of heat in your organs. I await the conscious awakening of humankind. The human is the only being on this planet who is able to light fire consciously. “I have come to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” said Jesus to his disciples (Luke12:49). It is the fire of the holy spirit. Mankind, return to the essence. You are tasked to be custodian of this planet. You are the point at which it is decided whether my fire has a healing or destructive effect. Many souls have warmed themselves at my fire. Through my warmth many have found comfort and home. My light has reached the deep darkness of the unknown. I illuminate the four corners of the Earth. Cultures have been born from me and through me. Fire stood at the center of the birth of every community. For centuries women were the custodians of the fire and the stove. This core fire of community wants to be lit and understood anew. Tend to me with awareness. Those who play with me without knowing me can cause endless destruction. Once my fire has been lit without awareness I burn everything away. If you observe me, if you study my nature, you can understand how war or peace develops. The powers of water and fire are the powers through which life or death develops; healing or destruction. The end or a new beginning. Love or war. It is these same powers working in men and women which decide if there will be war or peace. For the understanding and aware spirit, I am healing. Therefore I ask you, human being, to light the flame of the holy spirit in me and through me. Humankind has lost its balance. Whole cultures have been destroyed by the misuse of my power. My creative fire calls out to you: Awaken! It’s not too late. The power of new life continually arises from me like a phoenix from the ashes because in my core, I cannot be extinguished. I am the flame of eternal life. I am the flame of healing and insight. Those who are with me know the balance of power and take care that my flame never goes out. I tend to the power of thinking and creativity. Through me everything is renewed. I burn away all old habits that no longer serve life. I destroy those structures that have become too old and superfluous, and I am the power of renewal. I tend the power of immortality and of resurrection, as my flame in its core is the flame of eternal life that never goes out. I purify everything down to the depths of truth. I am the mediator between human and God, the all-suffusing spirit that makes it possible for angels or devas to appear. Moses found the burning bush and heard the voice of God through me. And many clairvoyants and shamans know how to read my flames. Through my various colors and forms you can perceive the different levels of manifestation. In my 12 rays of light you can see the nature of Creation. I thank all those that recognize and touch my nature again, as together with you, I move towards the light of new creation. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Fire, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Fire stone: