The principle of GRACE

GRACE reminds me of walking in the service of the higher mission, in the service of life and its inherent justice. Those who are walking in the name of GRACE do not come to accuse. They do not come to impart a new ideology on a country or on a land and its people – they come in the service of openness, of perception and of support. GRACE pledges not to worsen a war but rather to end it wherever it happens to be. In the name of GRACE I am always on the look out for a non-violent solution, a solution which creates justice and healing amongst all concerned. Often clear judgement is necessary to do this, but never condemnation. GRACE says: I am willing to end the war and to understand the means by which it can be ended and I place myself in the service of a solution. (…) GRACE is not man made. GRACE catapults us to a higher level of order in life itself. It is not me that will judge, but life itself. No matter where I happen to be and where I am coming from, I put aside all prejudice and judgement. I do not arrive with preconceived ideas of who the other one might be or might not be and I do not make my opinion the yardstick for my actions. (…) GRACE demands self-knowledge. And self-knowledge is not always easy. To discover flaws in others is much more pleasant and easy, than to unmask oneself. (…) GRACE comes from the strength and the connectedness with the source of life. This must not be confused with a timid attitude where I dare not speak up against injustice when I see it. I do not condemn anyone or anything when I am in the state of GRACE, rather, I gather up the courage to speak the truth. I want to speak the truth in such a way as to reach out to others and to change them, instead of wanting to be right and thereby even further the war situation. (…) GRACE is the power of a long breath that is going to last because it can see a new dawn at the horizon of history, a  paradise of love and charity, a culture honouring variety while at the same time acknowledging common values. GRACE is the umbilical cord that connects us to this vision and guides us, as of this moment, to act and behave out of its Geist, its freshness, abundance and beauty. Ya Azim (Excerpts from the book ‘Grace – Pilgrimage for a future without war’ by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the GRACE stone: