The unknown

I am the power of the unknown. I know that I know nothing. For me this is the starting point of every new insight. In the great mystery of life, I return repeatedly to the origin of my question. My question is my focus. Life opens anew and differently from a question than it does without one. Questions are the placentas for the answers. With my question I attract, from the infinite abundance, those answers which I need to extend my talents for the well-being of all. I know that there is an answer for every question and a question for every answer. I am not satisfied too early. I do not cling dogmatically to my insights when it is time to discover something new. I am not afraid of the unknown because I know that in my nature I am the unknown. I return repeatedly to the great emptiness so that the power of new Creation can enter me. Once I have understood something I remain open to the question, “Is that so?” Every invention starts in the studio of the unknown. Step with me into the astonishment that there is anything at all. Then a tree is not just a tree, or a flower just a flower. These are names for an infinite secret. Here the door opens, the gate to the great miracle of the Universe, of Life. Every definition, formula or description is an attempt to grasp something that, at its core, cannot actually be grasped. IT is ever new. Those who walk this path of insight with me will never be presumptuous, dogmatic or arrogant. Life is always bowing in modesty before the miracle of the Great Creation. Send amazement, respect and awe ahead and touch only then. Come, step with me into the miracle of understanding. Every great insight has its origin in me. Take care not to build your knowledge on the foundations of illusion. Do not say that you know where you don’t know. And do not say that you do not know where you do know. Beware of false innocence – of not knowing when you could know. Every true insight comes from the readiness to continue asking, to return to the shore of curiosity and the wish to know. Come, enter the school of life with me. What was true yesterday will not valid today or tomorrow. Ask. Ask. Do not just repeat what you were taught without really wanting to know. Every good teacher wants his students to understand and to want to know. He wants them to one day be able to show him something that he himself had not seen. Life itself is the great teacher for each of us, the great inconnu; the origin and source of all that exists. I am the great unknown. I am the mother of all true wisdom. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the unknown, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the “unknown stone”: