I am the being of water. Everything originates from me. I am connected equally to the powers of heaven and earth. The power of truth and life reveals itself through me. Panta rei – everything flows. Recognise in me that all life is movement. In the depths of the earth, in her dark womb, I watch over the power of rebirth. This is the origin of the powers of life. Everything that was old and becoming tired gathers in me to regain the power to create. From here I emerge as an effervescent source. Renewed and full of power, I start a new cycle of my life. In my constant flow I take care of the power of movement: Tao, the path that can never be left. You can learn how to act in dangerous situations from me. If you are truthful you carry success in your heart and whatever you do will be successful. I always flow onwards, filling all the spaces on my way. I do not shy away from dangerous places or calamitous falls. Nothing can destroy my essential nature. I always stay true to myself . In difficult situations, truthfulness brings wide understanding to your heart. Once you have completely understood a situation, success will naturally accompany your actions. From me you can learn the thoroughness that does everything that really needs to be done. Learn from my flexibility, because if you stay in danger you will die in it. From me you can also learn to retreat into silence, to reach the depths of your soul where new things want to be born and where you are safe from external dangers. Between the mountains, in the valleys, I create places of calm and rest. Here I am calm. Here I am power. Here I am concentration. The Lake: in my calm surface the soul of heaven is reflected and in my play with light you recognise the work of the numerous invisible powers. In the early morning rising fog you can meet devas and forces that give wings to my soul. Create vessels where I can rest; when the vessels are filled I will continue to flow. Learn with me the power of the right pace and the art of persistence, for in me everything happens in the right moment. And be persistent when you teach others, for only by repetition can a student come to own the material. You are asked to cooperate with me and to do as I do. See my value and make my gifts part of your character. Take care that it is not only on occasional coincidences that you connect with my spring and I flow within you. We are of the same nature. You, human, return to the essence. Base yourself and me in the true depth of your nature again. You destroyed your own humus of trust and you have destroyed the humus of the earth. You cut down all the forests in which I could unfold in the game of life and play with the leaves, the colours and the multitude of forces; playing in the dew, in the crevices, in the changes of light – to then sink back deep into the earth and there surround, protect and give birth to new life. If you put me under pressure my healing force becomes destructive. If you take away my humus you destroy yourself and divine life. If you destroy the natural basins where I can linger you bring restlessness and haste into your life. If you force me into channels that contradict my nature you turn me into a destructive power. But if you follow the pull of life within me you begin to dance in my freedom and you win eternal life. Just as I flow downwards, I set free forces of levitation. From my example you can understand all the energy processes that you need for your being to unfold. You can understand how things that have long been too heavy become light again. If you stay long enough you will also recognise through me that besides the strong visible current there is always a counterforce: the power of levitation, not yet visible, but present, strong and healing. I take care of the power of the vortex that creates the most stable forms. Do you know the play of the trout and the salmon that connect to the power of vortices and use the infinite power of levitation in the river to return to their birthplace to spawn? They go against gravity and the force of a roaring waterfall. Can you understand this miracle? I contain it. Watch me. Listen to me. In the depth of my wells you can hear the future sing. Together with me you can save lives. You can make deserts green and you can develop machines that are compatible with life forces instead of pursuing explosion and destruction. Reconnect to my divine source and power. Stop wanting to control me because in doing so you force me to cause destruction. What you destroy will destroy you. Natural catastrophes and tsunamis are not my will. It was your unconscious lust for power that forced me into these destructive movements. You thought you could control me and you forced me into movements that have life-destroying effects. Human, wake up! Return to the essence. Help my soul and thereby your soul back to their divine nature. For I am the power of the Goddess. Accompany my cycle until I reach the oceans from where I will rise again into the dance of the sky and the clouds. Get to know the many different levels of my being and recognise them inside yourself. If you know me you recognise your own soul and you can build a house in which your soul likes to live. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of Water, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Water stone: