The miracle of ‘I AM’

The question for today: Who am I and what is my real calling? What is my place in the universe? To receive the answer for this powerful question you need to really connect with a deep stillness. This is a kind of stillness which is there in every moment, everywhere, even in a very noisy or chaotic situation. You can meet this kind of stillness everywhere. You are asked to leave behind all of your definitions, to stop thinking about how things should or should not be. You come to this power of deep awareness and in this stillness you will discover the miracle and the mystery of life which is saying, ‘I am’. You will discover all the parts you are not and which you thought you are. You will discover your real divine nature. You are divine by your nature. And discovering this you will be held in the arms of the universe. You will come home to yourself. This is a real and deep revelation. This will change your whole life. From this moment you will not be governed any more by fear. You will enter the system of trust and from there the power of decision will work through you. You will act in a way that comes from universal love, which is much more powerful than anything you called love before. You will act and speak from this divine power. And you will be in this power. You will be joyful in this power. And in this energy a deep compassion will enter into your heart; a compassion for the world. You will also experience sadness, tears, pain when you look into the world and see the hypnosis that humankind is in. But you will no longer be driven away by this fear. You will no longer be silent when you should speak. You dare to be. This is the deepest system change. (…) (Excerpt of the morning meditation by Sabine Lichtenfels) Listen to the audio recording of the Ring of Power here: