Day of Peace Action and Meditation on the 9th of November 2022

Day of Peace Action and Meditation on the 9th of November 2022

Do we still believe in a future without war? How do we have to change our thinking and acting to usher in a future without war? On November 9th, 1938, violent Nazi mobs viciously attacked Jewish communities in the night of broken glass, beginning the public extermination and persecution of the Jews in Germany. On November 9th, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell – a pivotal event of opening borders. It is both a day of memorial and a day of hope that we use every year for reflection.

On one level, the answer to the misery of our time is very simple: it consists in awakening from the hypnosis of the patriarchal epoch and returning to the basic truth of life. How deeply this change must be made is something we realize when we start to work. We invite you this year to use the 9th of November as a day of prayer and action to reflect on the core question of the possibility of global peace.


We invite you to begin with a peace meditation at sunrise on the 9th of November.

The meditation text we offer was received by Sabine Lichtenfels in 2007 in a morning meditation in the high mountains of Sinai. This year, on November 9th she will be in Colombia together with Andrea Regelmann in the peace community of San José de Apartado. Another group together, with Monika Alleweldt, Ramona Kufert and Benjamin von Mendelssohn will start a seminar on the “Plan of Healing Biotopes” in Germany. In Tamera there will be a community time and the olive harvest where a group from the MarIsis team will accompany the Global Grace Day.


We will reflect on the strength and power of peace communities and the building of decentralized peace models. More and more groups around the world are joining together with the question, how does a truly autonomous power for peace emerge? We wish to participate in this development process and support their emergence worldwide, as there are answers there to the global crisis of our time.


THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC TALK on November 9th, in which Sabine Lichtenfels will speak directly from the peace community in Colombia about the foundations of autonomous communities and their potential power for peace.

If you can and want to join in, we can activate a field-building aspect of healing together. Let’s build a meditation ring, and let’s find common gathering places of reflection.

For the common gathering we would like to listen together to the speech of Sabine Lichtenfels and start a conversation about it, and also work together on common actions which seem to be meaningful to us in our environment. We want to combine meditation and action in a shared day of reflection. You can also watch the film “hope for Colmombia”, to learn more about the background and the work in Colombia.

The next upcoming webinar will already start from Colombia on November 2nd.

We are looking forward to a lively participation!

Welcome to our webinar

The MarIsis team

Meditation Text

Where there was pain, healing shall awaken.

Where there was anger, transformative power shall arise.

Where there was fear, protection and trust shall arise.

Where there was enmity, let the great awakening of mutual compassion begin.

Where there was oppression, let great freedom come.

Where there was separation of peoples, our sharing of this planet Earth shall lead to a vision of co-responsibility.


We have come to remember:

If we want this planet Earth to survive, all walls of separation must fall,

the walls between peoples, between Israel and Palestine, between Europe and Africa, between the so-called first and third worlds.

And also the walls we have built within ourselves: the walls between the genders and the walls between human and non-human beings.


We have come to remember the original beauty and truth of life:

All life has a right to freedom and development,

a right to love, to truth and trust.

Let us set examples for overcoming violence wherever we are.

Let us stand up for life and love in such a way that fear can disappear on this earth.

Let us form a ring of strength worldwide for the protection of all creatures.