Defend the Sacred

Where does God want me to be?   Connect with Standing Rock – Defend the Sacred. Develop the dream and the manifestation of energy which is really able so serve the power of global healing. In the meditation there is always this energy which invites us to find the picture of healing in the innermost prayer. Do not allow the mind to discuss about things to quickly. Come to the inner silence in which the divine power can unfold it’s healing energy. There is a movement growing. People in Palestine/Israel are standing up. ‘There has been enough destruction. We stand together to defend the sacred.’ People in Portugal at the west coast are beginning to come together and to say NO to the oil drilling planed there in April. People of Standing Rock are invited to come for support. (…) Look for the sacredness of life in everything. Even in the worst enemy. It is not about fighting against anything. But it is about developing a clear NO. This NO must be anchored in the sacredness of life. (…)   Listen to the recording of the complete meditation here: