The eagle

I am the force of the eagle. In many cultures I was revered as the king of birds. I guard the element of air. I can see the whole from far away and at the same time I perceive every detail in sharp focus. This is my gift, which expresses itself as wisdom and power. In the emergence of humankind’s new cultures I am the friend and guardian of vision. The capacity to see comes first – then the power of will – and then vision can manifest. I can live to be 70 years-old. To do so I have to take a decision in the middle of my life. At this point in time my beak and my claws become so long, that I can no longer catch prey and my long, heavy feathers make flying almost impossible for me. Then I can choose between two possibilities: I can die or I have to surrender to a process of total renewal. If I choose renewal I retreat into a protective rock face. When life calls I pull out all my old feathers and claws and scuff off my beak. This is very painful but I do not identify with this pain. After some long months, when everything has grown afresh, I fly away into my new life. With me you are reminded that today the whole of humanity faces a similar decision. At a certain point you will be asked if you are satisfied with your life or if you want to change something. Dare to look. It is not important how hard the change seems to be at first glance, how painful or ‘impossible’. With me, ask yourself: Did I fulfil my dreams? Do I fulfil my vocation? Do I like my work? Where does my path lead me? Rise with me into the heights of spirit to where your soul has wings. From there the power that you need to fulfil your higher potential will come to you. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Eagle, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Eagle stone: