the Christ stone

I am the power of peace in you and in all that exists. I am your shining inner sphere, your source, your inner Sun. I am that in you that has always been there. You did not create Me; you did not have to do anything special to find your way to Me. I am always present and you recognise Me when you face your own inner truth. I am the power in you which knows and wants peace in every moment. I am the light of peace in you and all that exists. At the deepest level your will and My will are one as I am the power of Christ, the birth of God in every human. Where I have become conscious in you, you have no special intention any more, no concerns, no false ambition and no false pride. At those points where all those too-small needs and desires have fallen from you, I can act fully through you. And you will dedicate all your actions together with Me to serving the world. When you are with me you do not have any other wish than to stay with Me. “Stay with me!” you will call out. I call back, “You stay with me!” In all the changes and in everything that happens I am always there. I brighten the darkest night like a guiding star. I am your absolute friend but I can only show myself when you truly call me. The only home for my soul where I can abide is absolute truthfulness. Through me you recognise the loving power of God in all that exists. Through me you understand the sentence, ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ I am the divine healing power of life in human beings. Many people call Me Jesus Christ. I also act where I am called by other names. My salvation comes when you no longer confuse Me with images, dogmas, ideologies or world-views. But wherever more than three are gathered in the name of the truthfulness of my comprehensive love, I am amidst them. I mainly live in the present. Those who live this do not need to give me any name. You will blossom in My spirit of resurrection if you give me every right. I take care of you when you do that. You do not have to earn My love. And you will no longer wish to have to earn anything, as you recognise the true wealth of this world through My eyes. Your happiness blossoms whenever I am present because in that you find your most beautiful and most truthful divine self, at home in the arms of Creation. Celebrate and illuminate, together with me, the new birth of the new light, the new present, the new Earth and the new humanity. Ya Azim (meditation text about the archetype of Christ, received and written down by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Christ text: