The Dolphin

I am the dolphin. I watch over the connection to the whole of the world in complete permeability and transparency. In my deep connection with the invisible world I served as an escort for departed souls to the islands of the blessed ones, the land of the dead. We are the aspect of the world‘s soul that went under water. We are closely associated with the great, healed soul of original human power.   We are guardians of the knowledge of a great world order that we carry through the centuries. It lives on even though many have forgotten the true origin of creation.   The sanctuary of Delphi, home to the oracle, was named after me. I oversee universal knowledge of community. I am a master of telepathy and take care of the inner space of truth. I am not capable of lying and detect every lie immediately. I also take care of the power of free love and pure joy.   We want to remind people of our shared origin. Most people have forgotten that they were co-creators of life on Earth. They have created an alienated reality of which they become victims. They spend their lives dominated by fear, violence and control. Thousands of years ago they began fighting and killing each other. The matrix of war seemed to be a natural law to them. Even though they have long been accustomed to lying and pretending, even where lies have been put forward as truth, I still watch over the original dream of Adam Kadmon. And whoever truly seeks me, will find me.   Whether or not you are in contact with me and my truth you will know when you encounter me by the rushing of an overwhelming joy through your cell system. This joy opens your heart to the memory of your real source. Through this opening you will understand my language again. Many people work with us on creation in secret. They receive our universal knowledge over long distances, all the way into mountains and jungles; to all kinds of places on Earth.   There will be a time in which all of humanity will remember their original dream of paradise. We are preparing for this great shift towards a universal culture of love. Once the first people really open themselves to my cosmic messages, love knowledge will spread over this earth as a field, a comprehensive net of information.   When people‘s hearts are reached by our sounds they will remember that, originally, there was no fear. We guard this knowledge, under the waters and in humanity’s unconscious, through millennia, until the time comes for that knowledge to see the light of the world. The sensual power of love and the joy that I attend to can never be separated from the truth. That‘s why I stand at the entrance of the love school. Those who want to learn love must know their own truth and need to learn how to reveal it. We are inseparably connected to each other. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Dolphin, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Dolphin stone: