The thinker

Logos and Eros act at the center of all becoming. Logos guides Eros; Eros guides Logos. I am the path of thinking that gives permanence to Eros. Without me, Eros leads to chaos. I have long been persecuted, just as Eros was persecuted. Thinking resonates in all beings as it is a basic function of the world. It takes place as confidently and effortlessly as all the autonomous movements of the universe. If it is led into the wrong channels it transforms into tedium and torture. I am the resonating pillar which sends your thoughts into the world and which brings the thoughts of the world back to you. Be truthful in thinking and you move the world. You are far too indulgent with the scatteredness of your thoughts and you silently excuse the mis-creations of your mind because you have forgotten that your life is built, in every moment, by the power of your thoughts. I represent the aspect of thinking in the universe. When you think a right thought you are in connection with the entire universe. If you are facing a question or a decision come and check whether your thoughts are in resonance with me. If so, there will be no fear and no doubt. I am the catalyst that sends your thoughts, strengthened, into the world. True insight is free of opinions. This is the important difference from everything that the split mind can grasp. Enter the space of understanding. It is a path towards your realisation. Ya Azim! (Meditation text about the archetypal power of thinking, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the thinker stone: