The Guest

I attend to the quality of the guest. I am the guest who knocks on your doors, asking to come in. I bring my gifts from distant lands and I want to know who you are.   I ask for shelter. I ask to be taken in. I ask also for the right distance and the right proximity so that I can perceive you. I often come disguised as a beggar, as a person in need or even as adversary. Those who recognize and welcome me will always receive the gift that I bring. I enrich the heart of every community. I bring knowledge and wealth from different parts of the world which increase your diversity.   The clearer the heart of a community shines the easier it is for me, as a guest, to perceive its vibration and to find my place with modesty, without imposing myself. You will recognise the vitality of a community’s heart through its openess to strangers. A universal community honors the guest as a Christ figure. Discover the Christ-quality in the hearts of those who seek to be close to you. You will never be able to work that out on a purley personal level. It is about understanding a structure that is inherent to life. Find the structure in which guests feel welcome. Communities are healthy when they know this opening of the heart; it protects the initmate and opens up to the new. It is like a rhythmic oscillation between retreating and opening.   Any community that has found its divine anchor again will open its homes to the stranger. But it also has guardians who ensure that no hidden dark forces can penetrate into the community’s heart. It creates an energetic protection shield from which all negative intentions bounce off. A community’s internal transparency and pure heart protect its nature and make it invulnerable. From this flexibility arises the heart-opening, the mobility, the coming and going which enriches any community.   It is the heart’s inner truth which can welcome guests. Check whether your heart is open for the new. When you receive me openly, you will always encounter the inner Christ in me. Keep your heart open to me and to my message and you will be happy to receive my gifts.   Create places in which guests are welcomed and help my universal power to shine in those places. In this great spirit arise true compassion, sympathy for each other and the destiny of the world and with it the true joy of seeing who we truly are. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Guest, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Guest stone: