The healer

I am the power of healing which reveals itself through me, for I let it act through me. I connect myself to the big stream of healing which comes from the perfection of life. It is not me who heals. But I have learned to open my powers of will for this stream and to let it work through me. It is the endless power of love which wants to act through me. There is an infinite will in the universe directed to healing which is ready to be called upon. Each genuine healer will learn to connect with this power and to focus his will to the desired aim. For that you need the connection to the divine source. It is the power of belief which is able to move mountains. I have learned to put nothing in front of the divine gate, for belief to fully act through me and thereby reach the aim. I connect myself with the healed image of the one I want to heal. I know that everything in the universe is directed to health. Only where traumatic spots have become too solid, where ego powers come into play the healed image is no longer seen and perceived. I soften and seduce those stuck energies in a way for the power of the universe to break through the layers of resistance. I help the patient to reach to subconscious patterns of fear and belief which have hindered the stream of power to open up. Therefore my will for healing always also is a will for insight. Each sickness is only a sign that somebody lost full contact to his / her universal stream of healing. This is true individually as on a societal level. I connect myself with the healed picture of the one who wishes for healing. My work can only succeed when I find the point in the patient where opening, readiness and intrinsic power of will are anchored. I am the power of healing which reveals itself through me, for I let it act through me. Be healed! Ya Azim. (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the healer, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the healer stone: