The master of sound

In the beginning there was the Word. In the beginning there was meaning. In the beginning there was light. In the beginning there was sound. Focus your senses on the wonder of hearing. Notice how the structure of the entire world harmonizes into one whole through the dance between light and sound. Notice how everything that condenses in matter into a form sends a sound into the universe and is actually made of sound. You yourself are also a part of this world harmony. Within the frequency range that you can hear you are unable to receive the music of the world’s harmony. If you could hear it, you would hear angelic choirs singing. As angelic choirs reach you, from the dolphins, the crickets and from humanity too, you would perceive how every species on earth is united in sound. All beings! And all this blends into a great symphony. Every culture that works with re-creation came from new music. The zeitgeist is reflected in the music you can hear. When you are building a new culture, a peace culture, pay attention to the songs your community sings and which sounds it gives back to the universe. Which words you speak, which poems are being sent back into the universe. In the beginning there was light. In the beginning there was sound. Together they formed information. Sound lies behind language as universal language that connects everything. Sound makes possible the miracle that people who spoke completely different languages can suddenly understand each other. Sound is the channel of communication to invisible beings, to animals and plants. Take responsibility for the sounds you send. Develop songs that open hearts. Develop songs which will reopen the channels into the center of the universe; the center of light, the center of universal love. At the moment the body of the earth is disturbed by sound that interferes with world structure. These are sounds made from noise and fear. These are sounds that follow from technology which is not in harmony with the universe; sounds that reflect the zeitgeist of a culture based on fear and war. Take responsibility and develop sounds that are more powerful; those that can penetrate into the space of the heart where our divine essence is anchored. Create professions which make music central to bringing forth a new culture of peace. Sing sacred songs. And take responsibility for keeping your own heart open through singing. I greet the masters of sound in the communities of the future. It is a profession in peace-research that awaits the master of sound. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the master of sound, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels)   Here you can listen to the audio recording of the master of sound stone: