The landscape healer

I am the power that cares for this Earth. I act wherever it is needed, to nurture and heal. I can read nature like an open book. I know that this Earth can nourish all of us if we treat her with care. I understand the language of the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. I understand the language of crystals, that of the stones and that of the elements. I am able to read the air and the winds, the stars and the constellations of the Sun and the Moon. Every landscape unfolds its soul before my open heart, and I hear its call. My heart is the heart of the world and my self is the self of the world, just as I am her observer, gardener and healer. I am the Earth’s Beloved.   It is not I who heal the Earth but the Earth who heals us when we recognise and love her. I hear her call day and night, “Human, awaken. What you have done to me you have done to yourself. What use to you is a God in Heaven while you torture, torment and abuse me? A God without a home is a lonely God. I am God’s Sheshina, the feminine aspect of the divine world. Human, awaken in me to new self-awareness.” Her call has become my calling. I always send love ahead and touch only then. I intervene where the Earth calls me, but I always ask for her permission first. No-one can own the Earth but everyone can love her. Then she reaches her helping and nourishing hands to us. This Earth can be saved if we understand, when we as humankind awaken to an open heart. Natural catastrophes are not natural catastrophes but rather the result of the closed heart of humankind who has refused its task of being the caring power and lover of the Earth. We are called to awaken to what we are: the responsible, caring and reflecting power for this Planet Earth. Those who choose my profession will learn love anew through the voice of the Earth. The Earth longs for understanding self-awareness so that she can recognise herself in our mirror. Tat twam asi… that’s you! (meditation text about the archetype of the landscape healer, received and written down by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the text: