Marian Cultural Impulse

I am Mary. I am also called the Marian Cultural Impulse because I carry the light of renewal into all of society’s relationships as soon as the door is opened to my power. I am the Marian power in all that exists. I embody the power of the young mother who freshly unfolds in the culture of partnership. I am who I will become. I am the power who suffuses everything with light and renews it with her love. Rigidified patriarchal structures can heal through me and be renewed through me. I am the power in you which embraces and protects the newly born Christ-Impulse in all that exists. I am unconditional love. Everything that is dark, lost and helpless can renew itself through me. I give protection so that the light of birth can arise. My love reaches to even the very most lost souls, to every criminal, to everyone and everything that is excluded and suppressed by this culture. The light of my love also reaches unconditionally to where others hate and fight. I shine and love, to awaken, protect and give birth to the power of Christ. Because I know that the power of Christ is in all of existence and will never be lost. I am the young, sensual and invigorating aspect of love. Earthly and sensual existence shines in a new light through me. Come into my reviving arms, feel our mother Earth anew. Feel, in and through me, the absolute power of affirmation of everything that exists in Heaven and Earth. Feel, in and through me, how Heaven is to be found in everything. I am with you even into old age, and still I stay young. If your days have become empty and your soul thirsts for renewal, come to me, rest at my breast, become still, experience what is, and your heart, with me at your side, will experience the light of forgiveness that renews everything. Let every day become new in me. Recharge yourself with my youth, beauty and power. Know that you can also find in yourself what you look for and admire in me. Come with me and step into a new world of presence. Discover in and through me a light of a new culture, of a comprehensive peace that no longer suppresses, accuses and destroys, but rather transforms everything and gives birth to it anew. I have always been here, and yet I am new, and young. I am the breakthrough to a new life, a new love and a new culture. Hear my all-embracing “Yes, you may.” Send love ahead and touch me then. Then you can awaken and discover me. I call to you: Discover every fold of the dress of heavenly Mary. I am free and nobody can possess me. Whoever tries to hold me will lose me. Those who see my freedom and understand that it belongs to my being will experience unconditional love in my embrace. Whoever touches me truthfully with an open heart receives my eternal youth and experiences my everlasting faithfulness. You will be surrounded and protected by the light of sensual love. No hunger will be able to drive you, no thirst will be able to bring you to restless searching. Because my embrace stills hunger and thirst and allows you to experience presence in a new certainty of love. Those who do not leave me will never be abandoned. I am the protective light of sensual love on Earth. Those who discover me will become what I am, and will not rest until the light of my new birth is to be found everywhere. I am the new Earth. Ya Azim (Meditation text about the archetypal power of the Marian Cultural Impulse, received and composed by Sabine Lichtenfels) Here you can listen to the audio recording of the Maria stone: